Episode 8 – The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies


Beers like Budweiser and Molson Canadian rely on sexy women in bikinis or cocktail dresses or cheerleading outfits to sell their watery suds. Craft beer, on the other hand, leans much more on the quality of the product and the connection to the community to push sales. 

Despite craft beer’s notably less-sexist approach to marketing, there is still a divide between those selling and advertising the beer, and the 50 percent of the population that drinks it, aka women. I sat down with three of the founders of the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies to talk about their experiences, both as professionals working in the industry, and as consumers of the beer itself. I really enjoyed this conversation, both because we drank some delicious beers, but also because it gave me an insight into a side of the industry that I don’t see. As a twenty-something white male, I fall squarely into the target market for beer. I wanted to know what it’s like for those that don’t. What it all comes down to is this: good people drink good beer, regardless of gender or orientation.

Warning: This episode contains numerous references to “Thirsty Beavers”.


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One thought on “Episode 8 – The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies

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